Anne Frank

Frankfurt am Main, Germany
June 12, 1929 – March 1945

Anne Frank was born in Germany, but when the Nazi Party won local elections, her family moved to Amsterdam to avoid the potential discrimination. As a child Anne wrote a lot and enjoyed reading. She was said to be an extrovert, being loudly spoken and energetic.

On June 12th in 1942, Anne started writing in a diary. She wrote about her life at school and the occupation of the Netherlands by Germany that began in 1940. She was forced into a Jewish school and had to wear a yellow star in public. On July 6, 1942 moved into a hiding place along a canal in Amsterdam. Anne continued writing her diary during the period of hiding, talking about daily life and her thoughts on life.

A little over two years after going into hiding the Franks were discovered by the police after a tip off. They were sent to Auschwitz where Anne eventually died in late February or March after typhoid spread through the camp. Anne’s father published her diary in 1947 and she has become a hero for all who suffer from oppression.



Anne Frank Center

Anne Frank Museum

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