Bethesda Fielding – Hero’s Journey

The Mundane World

Bethesda Fielding is a 7th grader at Mary Todd Middle School. She is living a normal everyday life, but everything is soon going to change. She just doesn’t know it.

The Call To Adventure

Her journey starts when her 1st hour humanities teacher announces a special project (as usual the project has nothing to do with what they are learning). For the special project the students have to solve a mystery in their life and write a report about it. Bethesda Fielding chooses to solve the mystery of the choir teacher, Ms. Finkleman.

Crossing the Threshold

Bethesda Fielding tries to find any clues about the very secretive Ms. Finkleman. She asks all the teachers if they know anything about Ms. Finkleman but all she finds out is that Ms. Finkleman has a tattoo. She then finds a code in the bottom of Ms. Finkleman’s desk drawer. With the help of her father she finds out that the letters are the titles of songs by Little Miss Mystery and the Red Herrings. She then writes her report and finds a picture of Little Miss Mystery. Little Miss Mystery looks exactly like Ms. Finkleman.

The Path of Trials

Bethesda then goes to school and gets a great score on her special project. Ms. Finkleman soon finds out that everyone now knows who she really is. The principal then asks Ms. Finkleman to put on a rock concert for the Choral Corral. Ms. Finkleman strikes a deal with Bethesda Fielding and Tenny Boyer who really likes rock music. Tenny will plan the show and tell Ms. Finkleman what to tell the students in secret. In return, Bethesda (who started this all) would try to help the hopeless Tenny Boyer pass the floating mid-term.

The floating mid-term comes, and the rock show is going to be great, but Tenny Boyer is as hopeless as ever. Bethesda decides to try and help Tenny cheat through the mid-term by coughing to give Tenny the answers. Everything is going well until the teacher finds out and takes them both for a little chat with the principal who agrees to ban them from participating in the Choral Corral. With minutes to spare they try to go back to what they were going to do but finally the principal allows them to participate and the show goes on. In the end they realize that Little Miss Mystery was really Ms. Finklemans twin sister, and that Ms. Finkleman was thrown out of the band, The Red Herrings.

The Master of Two Worlds

In the end, Bethesda Fielding asks Ms. Finkleman where she got her tattoo from and finds out it was after she was thrown out of the band.  Not only Bethesda did solve the mystery, she also became a hero and helped Ms. Finkleman and her sister (Little Miss Mystery-her twin) get back in touch with each other. Now Bethesda is back to her boring old normal everyday life.

Submitted by: Akash W from Baker Middle School

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