Bolt – Hero’s Journey

The Mundane World

Bolt is a dog that belongs to a girl named Penny. She is the star of a television show about a girl and her dog with superpowers, a show that Bolt believes to be real. The TV producers painstakingly keep up the illusion that Penny is always in danger in order to make the show a hit.

The Call To Adventure

With ratings coming down, the show’s producers decide to allow the “bad guys” to capture Penny. Believing the whole scene to be real, Bolt is distraught.

Crossing The Threshold

Bolt decides to go after the villains who kidnapped Penny. He escapes the TV set, still believing all of this to be real.

The Path of Trials

Bolt leaves the TV set and is amazed when his powers don’t work. He also feels pain and hunger, both feelings he’s never felt before. He traverses the outside world trying to find Penny.

He meets up with Mittens, a tough alley cat, who teaches him how to be a dog. She tries to convince him that he is a normal dog without superpowers, but Bolt won’t listen. After they travel to the Hollywood set where Penny has been “kidnapped”, and sees there is a dog in his place that looks exactly like him. He realizes that everything wasn’t real.

As he’s walking away from the lot, an accident happens and Penny is trapped inside a burning set. He runs in to save her, risking his life.

Master of Two Worlds

Bolt survives and gets Penny out of the burning building, saving her life. He realizes that the TV show was fake, but stays with Penny because of the love she gives him. He lives a much simpler life in the country with Penny and her mom, and his friends.

Submitted by: Steve Kessel

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