Cameron Frye – Hero’s Journey

The Mundane World

Cameron Frye lives in Chicago with his unloving parents. He is an only child and feels isolated and intimidated by his father. His only friend is Ferris Bueller.

The Call To Adventure

“Cameron, babe. What’s happening?” Cameron is woken from his sickbed by a phone call from his friend, Ferris. He initially resists the call for some time, sitting in his car, starting and restarting it. Finally he heads over to pick up Ferris and the adventure begins.

Crossing The Threshold

When Cameron finally allows Ferris to take his father’s Ferrari into the city, the threshold has been crossed. Cameron’s willingness to take on the journey is confirmed.

The Path of Trials

Cameron is accompanied on his path by two friends; Ferris and his girlfriend, Sloane. Ferris actually acts as mentor to Cameron’s journey of discovery. His enemy (through his association with Ferris) is Principal Rooney and, ultimately, his unseen father. Most of Cameron’s trials surround his fear of damaging the Ferrari or being caught skipping school.

Master of Two Worlds

During the day Cameron becomes less and less uptight through a series of events and begins to feel more self-confident. As master of two worlds he takes responsibility for his role in taking the Ferrari and (offscreen) confronts his father. After the journey, Cameron is a completely changed man.

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