Caramon Majere

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Caramon was born as a twin.  He was an incredibly healthy baby, while his brother, Raistlin, was sickly and was constantly cared for by their half sister, Kitiara.  His father’s death, when Camaron was sixteen, caused his mother to enter a near-coma, and he quickly learned to rely on himself.

He met Sturm Brightblade as he was learning to be a warrior and the pair eventually hit it off after an initial disagreement.  Together with Kitiara and Raistlin, the pair met up with Tasslehoff and eventually began adventuring with the group that would eventually become the Fellowship of the Lance.

His close relationship with his twin, though polar opposites, made him an important part of the War of the Lance.  His strength and honesty inspired those around him.  At the end of the war, Raistlin left Caramon alone for the first time.  He took solace in his marriage to Tika Waylan and became an innkeeper.



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