David Dunn – Hero’s Journey

The Mundane World

David lives in Philadelphia and works as a security guard at a local football stadium. He has just been rejected for a job in New York and his marriage is failing.

The Call To Adventure

David’s call to adventure starts with a train wreck from which he escapes miraculously uninjured. It concludes with a series of clues left by Elijah Price (a local art gallery owner, who specializes in comic books), who informs David that he could well be a real life super hero.

Crossing The Threshold

David is not convinced by Elijah’s theory. However, his son wholeheartedly believes the theory and tricks his dad into lifting more weights during one of his workouts. David then tests the theory out and lifts over 350 pounds – a great deal more than he has ever lifted before.

The Path of Trials

David struggles with his son’s insistence on his super hero powers. His son tries to stop a girl being picked on, but he fails, he just wants to be like his dad. His son then gets a gun and threatens to shoot him. David and Audrey start to rebuild their marriage, David finds this hard, he thinks there is something missing.

Elijah mentors David and asserts that he has extra sensory abilities.  David starts to try and hone his skills. When people bump into him at the stadium and then later at the train station, he sees premonitions of the people perpetrating evil acts. In one of David’s premonitions he sees a janitor go into house and torture a family. He goes after him, but after a struggle he is thrown from a balcony into a pool where he almost drowns. The kids he saved from the family pull him out. He goes back into the house and strangles the janitor. David finds the parents of the kids dead.

Master of Two Worlds

The next day David passes his son the newspaper and shows in the story of an anonymous hero who saved the children of family the night before. David tells his son to be quiet, not to let his mother Audrey see his reaction.

It transpires at Elijah’s art exhibition, that Elijah purposely set up major accidents so he could find David. David turns Elijah into the police.

David understands his calling and has changed a great deal because of this. The world around him is now different, he is able to help others around him. Closer to home, his marriage has improved and he has found peace.

Submitted by: Kit Bennett

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