Evelyn Lauder

Vienna, Austria

Evelyn Lauder has led a remarkable life and used her privileged position and wealth to benefit millions of people. After working in teaching, Evelyn changed careers and began work for the Estée Lauder cosmetic company, a company created by her mother-in-law. Throughout her career there she has helped many charities through the Lauder Foundation. As director of the foundation, she put strong emphasis on developing parks and play areas for children throughout New York city.

In 1992, along with Alexandra Penney, Lauder developed the now famous pink ribbon, the symbol of the Breast Cancer research Foundation. Lauder had always showed an interest in Breast Cancer research and had personally raised over $18 million which went towards building the Memorial Sloan-Kettering’s Cancer Centre, the was the first specific breast and diagnostic centre. The pink ribbon symbol which we see was prevalently each October was designed and given away at all Estée Lauder shops worldwide with breast cancer information with the purpose to simply raise awareness of the disease.

In 1993, Lauder went one step further and set up the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Using the pink ribbon as it’s symbol, it has gone on to raise over $175 million for breast cancer research. The BCRF is now one of America’s largest independent cancer research charities. Although having won many philanthropy awards for all her work, Lauder’s drive remains as strong as ever in her battle to beat breast cancer for women worldwide.

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