Peter Parker – Hero’s Journey

The Mundane World

Peter Parker begins his story in New York City in high school. He is in love with Mary Jane, but she barely knows he exists.

The Call To Adventure

One day Peter is bitten by a radioactive spider. He starts to exhibit special powers and begins his journey as a hero.

Crossing The Threshold

Peter crosses a particularly difficult threshold. He first chooses to exploit his new powers to make money. With this selfish attitude he ignores a robber who ends up killing his uncle. This is a test to ensure the hero is right for his role. Peter remembers his uncle’s words, “With great power there must also come — great responsibility!”

The Path of Trials

Spiderman encounters many challenges on his journey. He must learn how to properly use his powers and how to manage having a secret identity. He makes more foes than friends and his foes all tend to want his friends dead.

Master of Two Worlds

Peter Parker/Spiderman finishes his journey very aware of the responsibility he has. As Spiderman, Peter makes the world a better place. On his journey he learns what it is to be a hero.

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