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Roy Foster

Roy Foster started Stand Down to help returning military veterans get back on their feet and avoid the temptations of alcohol and drug abuse.

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Thomas Cochrane

Thomas, Lord Cochrane fought for the British against Napoleon, often using his skills to win battles against large odds. He fought against corruption within the Admiralty and fought for the liberation of numerous countries.

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Reginald Clare Hart

Lieutenant Hart of the Royal Engineers took the initiative in running some 1,200 yards to the rescue of a wounded Sowar of the 13th Bengal Lancers in a river-bed exposed to the fire of the enemy, of unknown strength, from both flanks, and also from a party in the river-bed.

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Léo Major

Léo Major performed a number of hugely courageous acts in both World War II and the Korean War. He is remembered for liberating the town of Zwolle, Holland.

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