The Beast – Hero’s Journey

The Mundane World

Before his transformation, the Beast was a young and selfish French prince. He held himself in high regard and treated everyone with disrespect.

The Call To Adventure

An old beggar woman came to the young selfish prince’s castle late one night asking for food and shelter. She offered the prince a beautiful rose in return of a place to stay.

Crossing The Threshold

Being the selfish and cruel person that he was, the prince turned the old woman away. Unknown to him, the old woman was a beautiful enchantress in disguise. Disgusted by his cruelty, the enchantress turned the prince into the Beast; a hideous and ugly creature. Along with the Beast, anyone who lived in the castle was transformed into living household items like a clock or a candlestick.

The Path of Trials

The only way the Beast could break the spell and turn himself and everyone else back to normal was to learn to love another and receive the other’s love in return before the last petal of the enchantress’ rose withered and fell. Convinced that no one could ever love a gruesome beast like himself, he stayed hidden in the castle alone and bitter.

Things change when Belle, a beautiful girl from the village near the castle, comes looking for her father who is being held prisoner by the Beast. She trades herself for her father as the Beast’s prisoner.

Belle eventually earns the right to walk around the castle and gives the Beast the opportunity to break the curse. The Beast uses any and all advice from all his friends in the castle to try to win Belle’s heart. In the end, he falls in love with Belle and lets her go to take care of her father.

The Beast’s final trial was to beat Gaston, the local “hero”. Gaston was a selfish and egocentric man who at the end of the story tried to kill the Beast. The Beast managed to beat Gaston and saved Belle and her father as well.

Master of Two Worlds

The Beast turned into an unselfish and loving person. Although the last rose petal fell, seemingly sealing his fate as forever living as an ugly beast, he is changed back into his normal self because Belle loved him as he loved her. The prince learns a valuable lesson that everyone has heard before; never judge a book by its cover.

Submitted by: Steve Kessel

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